Products, Projects and Services.

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Road marking projects.
Road marking material.
Road marking machinery.
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Road marking testing.
Signage and signboard fabrication.
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Signboard testing.
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Gantry structure.
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Traffic management plan and related.
Safety double roller barrier.
Guardrail and related.
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Road furniture.
PPE products.
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Civil works.
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Steel works.
Electrical and mechanical works.

Our Main Products.

Roadmarking Materials.

White Screed Thermoplastics.
Yellow Screed Thermoplastics.
Rumble Strips Screed Thermoplastics.
All Weather Thermoplastics (AWT).
Glass Beads.

Roadmarking Machinery.

Single & Double Pre-Heater Boiler.
New & Secondhand Screed Machine (Manual&Auto)
Screed Shoe (4", 6", 8", 12")
Milling Machine.

Double Safety Roller Barrier (Karak Highway)